For the real enthousiasts who want to join in on the adventure of owning their very own Ferrolic display, we would love to make Ferrolic accessible right away. However, since the first prototypes are currently been tested, we would like you to inform about some facts.

Although the development of the electronics, software and physical structure has reached a very solid and durable level, the lifetime of the fluids used in the glass container module mainly depends on the frequency of use. In practice this lifetime is expected to be a few months of full usage. Ongoing development allows for a much longer lifetime in the near future. The latest glass container modules can be ordered separately.

It is not difficult to setup a Ferrolic display. However one is required to connect to the Ferrolic display over WiFi using a compatible device like a notebook or a tablet. Ferrolic is then connected to the internet after which the display is controllable using a webbrowser. We are currently finetuning this setup.

The first available Ferrolic displays will have an aluminum frame. All Ferrolic displays will be registered. Registrations are transferable.

The package includes:

  • One Ferrolic display
  • Browser access to edit and control Ferrolic.
  • All accessories like a power supply, etc.

We can see Ferrolic standing in the centre of attention. Therefore, we plan to offer different options to make Ferrolic to your own personal likings:

  • Anodised (coloured) aluminum
  • Inlay on both sides
    • Wood (different kinds of wood and finish)
    • Leather, Carbon and Ceramic

For acquisitions, please complete the contact form. We will be in touch with you shortly. In case you are looking for a custom sized Ferrolic display, also drop a line in the contact form below please.

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